By filling hard to fill roles in hard-to-reach places, our creative service offering connects the care givers and care providers. We make medicine accessible to people in need and the world a healthier place.

Our Stories

Kelly Doran
Director And Founder

I started life as a flying doctor baby in a remote part of north western Australia. With my parents’ work lending itself to a nomadic lifestyle, we travelled extensively throughout my childhood. As a kid, I was fascinated with the bush and rural Australia. Some of my best memories are sleeping under the stars and watching outback sunsets.

I had a keen interest in nursing from a young age with Florence calling. I left school early to become a carer for my father and I went on to become a registered nurse (Florence was determined to keep things on track!).

When I started in medical recruitment, it felt right, and my career flourished. Over 17 years, I went from being a solo recruiter, to building my own successful team, and then running other successful teams as Operations Manager and General Manager.

Doctors were always a mystery to me until I started recruiting. I discovered that like most people who have a calling, doctors were put on earth to be doctors. I have been lucky to hear many inspiring stories over the years from both doctors and clients. Some of which made me laugh and some which made me cry.

I feel privileged to support a profession that helps people and alleviates suffering, and I’m excited to continue this journey with Salt Medical Recruitment.

Veronica O’Riordan

I come from a small rural town in Carlow, Ireland. My father and grandfather were tailors for almost 80 years. In fact, the name is still over our door which is great for modern-day Amazon deliveries! My mother ran our busy household which was no easy feat and she did an incredible job.

Growing up as part of a large family, I learnt the values of sharing, camaraderie and teamwork from an early age. We had little but we had everything. Paradoxical, but it’s the truth.

I also experienced first-hand, the difficulties faced by rural folk in accessing quality and timely healthcare, which is a large part of what drives my passion for helping these communities.

I came to Australia on a whim many moons ago. When I arrived, I spent six weeks travelling the East Coast and had the time of my life. It was after my parachute jump in Etty Bay that I realised I could be happy and at home here… so, I decided to stay and never looked back!

An Irish saying I love is “Go n-éirí an bóthar leat” meaning “May the road rise to meet you” – you’ll be guided if you trust you’re on the right path. Safe to say, staying in Australia was the best decision I ever made.

Personally, I love my own company, but I’m also very social! There’s nothing I enjoy more than having a great conversation with a friend over a glass of red wine and food.

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