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By filling hard to fill roles in hard-to-reach places, our creative service offering connects the care givers and care providers. We make medicine accessible to people in need and the world a healthier place.

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People & Culture

Our team is filled with hardworking skilled and motivated consultants who love what they do. Our workplace seeks to give people a sense of belonging, where they will be recognised, developed and celebrated

At Salt Medical Recruitment, we:

Good people are our most valuable asset and will always be the foundation of our success. We are always on the lookout for Salt of the Earth People, so if you think you have what it takes to make a difference in medical recruitment, please get in touch.

“But these few are the salt of the earth; without them, human life would become a stagnant pool. Not only is it they who introduce good things which did not before exist, it is they who keep the life in those which already existed."

- J.S. Mill

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