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Find doctors in Salt Medical’s Australasian & Comparable Health Care Country Talent Networks. We have GP’s, Rural Generalist, Emergency doctors, Physicians, Paediatricians, Obstetricians, Psychiatrists, Surgeons or Anaesthetist and more!

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Locum Recruitment

We are locum recruitment specialists and our geographically dispersed talent pools give us the ability to provide 24/7 locum coverage across the country.

We’ll partner with you so whenever you need specialist locum talent, we’re already in a position to quickly endorse those with the essential skills and experience you need.

Whether it’s full roster management, an emergency locum doctor for a last-minute shift, rural generalist for ongoing FIFO cover, physicians, paediatricians, psychiatrists, obstetricians, surgeons or anaesthetists – we’ve got you covered.

As well as organising travel and accommodation, we can also payroll locum doctors. We are fully insured with the necessary labour hire licences, public liability, professional indemnity, and worker’s compensation policies.

Let us help you fill critical staffing gaps in your roster, so you can relieve the pressure on your other clinicians and maintain excellent standards of care.

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