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Find doctors in Salt Medical’s Australasian & Comparable Health Care Country Talent Networks. We have GP’s, Rural Generalist, Emergency doctors, Physicians, Paediatricians, Obstetricians, Psychiatrists, Surgeons or Anaesthetist and more!

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Permanent Recruitment

Searching for someone long-term, but struggling to find talented specialists doctors?

Doctors are busy and we get that effective recruiting is easier said than done. We’re here to help you extend your reach and diversify your approach to permanent recruitment. 

To ensure we understand exactly what you need for your next hire, we’ll take a comprehensive job brief from you. 

Then we’ll assess the required skills, qualifications, experience and cultural fit. By promoting your opportunity to select communication channels and our extended network of doctors, we can find candidates that fit the brief.

Our team is always connecting, building relationships and expanding their networks because the best candidates may not be looking now, but will be in the future.

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