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$145 - $160 per hour
ED Registrar PGY5+ Casino, NSW $145 to $160 per hour Various shifts available starting 07 June to 06 August 2023 Evening at 13:00H to 23:00H | Night at 22:30H to 8:30H Must be airways proficient Able to lead and manage a resuscitation
 Salt Medical Recruitment  Doctor  Casino, NSW  Jun 08, 2023
ED Resident Medical Officer (PGY 3+) Ballina, NSW $130 per hour 08 July 2023 to 29 July 2023 Various shifts available: Day at 0800H to 1800H | Evening at 1300H to 2300H Will be working alongside the FACEM in the ED The facility is a public,
 Salt Medical Recruitment  Doctor  Ballina, NSW  Jul 07, 2023
ED House Medical Officer (PGY 2+) Wangarratta, VIC $115 to $125 per hour Various shifts available starting 08 June to 23 July 2023 Accommodation provided Up to $150 travel reimbursement, with provision of receipt Our client is a leading
 Salt Medical Recruitment  Doctor  Wangaratta, VIC  Jun 08, 2023
$2000 - $2400 per day
$2,000 per day (without on-call) / $2,400 per day (with on-call) Shared on-call - 1:3 3 July-14 July NCN Health Numurkah is 2.5hrs north of Melbourne and 30 mins north of Shepparton. Numurkah is part of the Shire of Moira and has a population
 Salt Medical Recruitment  Doctor  Numurkah, VIC  Jul 02, 2023
Surgical After Hours HMO $150 per hour Varied shift, 1600H - 2200H | 0800H - 2200H 20 June to 02 July 2023 Our client is a unique cross-border health care service spanning the border of Victoria and New South Wales providing public health care
 Salt Medical Recruitment  Doctor  Albury, NSW  Jun 08, 2023
ED Resident Medical Officer (PGY3+) Townsville, QLD $1550 per hour Various shifts available from 17 July to 29 October 2023, and will be no less than 8 hours Accommodation and hire car provided Flights included Our client is the only tertiary
 Salt Medical Recruitment  Doctor  Townsville, QLD  Jul 16, 2023
Senior Medical Officer - General Medicine Moranbah, QLD $1780 per day 13 June to 20 June 2023 | 08 August to 15 August 2023 Shifts TBD Accommodation and vehicle provided Our client is a 12-bed hospital with 24-hour Emergency Department and
 Salt Medical Recruitment  Doctor  Moranbah, QLD  Jun 12, 2023
Senior Medical Officer - Emergency Proserpine, QLD $1780 per day 19 June to 10 July 2023 | 26 August to 30 October 2023 Shifts TBD Flights and kilometric allowance included Accommodation provided Our client is a 33-bed hospital with 24-hour
 Salt Medical Recruitment  Doctor  Proserpine, QLD  Jun 18, 2023
Senior Medical Officer - Emergency Yeppoon, QLD $1780 per day Various shifts available from 01 June 2023 to 31 August 2023 Flights and kilometric allowance included Accommodation provided The hospital offers a range of inpatient care
 Salt Medical Recruitment  Doctor  Yeppoon, QLD  Jun 08, 2023
Principal House Officer - Emergency Yeppoon, QLD $1550 per day Various shifts available from 01 June 2023 to 20 August 2023 Flights and kilometric allowance included Accommodation provided The hospital offers a range of inpatient care
 Salt Medical Recruitment  Doctor  Yeppoon, QLD  Jun 08, 2023

What should I expect from a medical recruitment agency?

There are many medical recruitment agencies in the marketplace providing different services, expertise, and knowledge. Some are boutique and focus on core specialty areas, while others take a generalist approach across a range of disciplines, clients, and locations.

It’s important you find the right medical recruitment agency for you, that understands your professional needs and that you’re happy to represent you to employers.

What should I expect from Salt Medical Recruitment?

You’ll get access to a wide range of locum and permanent job opportunities from our extensive network of clients in the prehospital, primary care and secondary care sectors across Australia.

For doctors that Join our SALT Talent Network, we go above and beyond to support you, act as your liaison, and provide timely advice and market insights. We endeavour to partner with you throughout your career so we can understand your personal motivations, professional goals, and salary expectations.

What are the advantages of using a medical recruitment agency?

Our technical understanding of medical recruitment, market knowledge, relationships and vast network of clients and doctors gives us a competitive edge. We have exclusive access to unique opportunities from a select group of clients, as well as preferred supplier agreements with state and territory public health services.

We’re here to make the process a breeze by handling the job search, contract negotiations, credentialing, payment process and travel logistics. Our goal is to support you and match you with exclusive opportunities so you can focus on what you do best.

What’s the difference between a recruitment agency and an employment agency?

Traditionally, recruitment agencies focused on finding candidates for clients’ job vacancies, whereas an employment agency treats the candidate as their client. At Salt Medical Recruitment we offer both services to our doctors and clients.

For us, it’s about connecting care givers with care providers to make healthcare accessible for all. We do this by providing an exemplary service and building long term relationships with our stakeholders.

What rate can I expect as a locum doctor in Australia?

Locum doctors’ pay rates are usually higher than permanent doctors due to being a casual contractor and outside an award.

On average*:

*Rates are a guideline only and are subject to change. Funding models, the rural or remoteness of the healthcare facility, availability of talent, competition (for sought-after specialties or select skills), and urgency can determine market forces and rates.

While it’s exciting to get the highest rate possible, its important you understand what the role entails and if it’s a good match for you as a locum doctor. Always remember your initial motivation for a locum role. Is it to earn extra money or to achieve greater work life balance? For example, if you want to combine a family holiday with a locum experience, the highest rate with onerous on-call demands might not suit you.

Please reach out to discuss locum doctor rates in Australia and how we can find your perfect role.

How do I get paid?

Salt Medical is set up to accommodate several payment options such as PAYG, ABN Sole trader and PTY Ltd. We also assist with timesheet approvals and invoicing so we can ensure you are always paid on time.

Why do some agencies pay me as an ABN sole trader and others as PAYG?

These payment options will depend on the employer’s internal procedures, Australian / Trans Tasmin taxation laws, Work Health and Safety (WHS) and State based labour hire legislation.

For example, in Queensland and Victoria where labour-hire licensing legislation exists, agencies need to have the necessary insurances and labour hire licences to supply casual workers. Mandatory on-hired worker reporting and large fines may be incurred if rules aren’t followed accordingly.

In these states, ABN Sole Traders are considered employees of the on-hired locum agency. As the employer, we therefore have a responsibility to ensure both tax and superannuation is paid accordingly.

We understand that a locum doctor may have a preference on how they wish to be paid and we will try to accommodate requests where possible. However, our priority is to be transparent in our dealings and comply with WHS and labour hire legislation to minimise risk for all parties. 

Can I work as a PTY Ltd through Salt Medical?

If your company is registered as a Pty Ltd, you can work and receive payments through your company as a subcontractor. In this scenario, payments are made to your company (following submittal of a tax compliant invoice) and tax and super will not be deducted. Bear in mind, it is your company’s responsibility to declare these earnings, ensure tax and superannuation is paid, and have necessary insurances in place for its workers.

Can I bring my family when I travel for locum?

Yes! Many doctors are interested in working holiday style placements, accompanied by their partner and children. We ask that doctors communicate the request upfront so we can discuss family friendly accommodation with our client. In most locations, the quality of accommodation is of a high standard and within proximity to the hospital or healthcare facility.

Who will organise the locum travel and accommodation?

Your dedicated Salt Medical Recruitment consultant will organise travel and accommodation with help from our travel concierge service. We also liaise with the hospital or clinic on your behalf ensuring a seamless transition.

Why is the credentialing paperwork so tedious?

With each health service having specific credentialing requirements, we know the paperwork can be onerous. It’s an important step in the process and you don’t want to miss out on the perfect locum opportunity, so we’re here to make it as stress free as possible. Salt Medical’s bespoke digital document management system helps streamline the process, making it easier to complete online. To find out more about our process click here.

What type of locum work is available and where?

With approximately 300+ jobs advertised on our website at any one time, specialist and junior doctors will be spoilt for choice. As an approved supplier of medical locum services, we have agreements in place with all major state health services, as well as exclusive relationships with clients in the not for profit and private sector. We also look for unique opportunities that provide enriching and diverse experiences for our doctors who join our Salt Talent Network.

Go to our Job Seekers page to view a variety of roles or contact us to chat about how we can help!

Are interviews necessary for locum or are they for permanent roles only?

Interviews are usually for permanent roles however there are occasional interviews for long-term or fixed-term locum roles. Read our Guide To Locum Interviews for tips on how to prepare and questions you might be asked.

You have many locum roles. Can you help with permanent opportunities?

The majority of our opportunities that we advertise are locum positions, however, we offer our doctors and clients access to our bespoke permanent recruitment campaigns and Executive Search services.

If you are a doctor looking for a career change, contact us to find out how we can assist.

If you are a client looking for an effective and creative approach to recruitment, find out more on our Client Services page.

Why should I join your agency when there are so many around?

Good question! We get that it’s a competitive market and we must be on top of our game to represent the most talented Doctors in the Australian marketplace – you!

We promise to listen to your needs and always be transparent. By understanding your unique story and professional goals we will help you find the financial freedom, work life balance or adventure you’re looking for. We want every doctor, client, and colleague to feel our care factor (it’s our X-factor) and passion for excellence in medical recruitment when they join our agency.

To find out more about our commitment to medical recruitment happiness, visit About Us and our Purpose and Values.

Give us a call to discuss how our personalised service can help find your next successful hire or career move!

Locum healthcare jobs have become increasingly popular in recent times. These temporary positions allow healthcare professionals to provide their expertise and services on a temporary basis, filling in for other professionals who are on leave or during peak demand periods. Locum healthcare jobs offer flexibility, variety, and numerous benefits for both professionals and healthcare organizations.

Advantages of Locum Healthcare Jobs

One of the key advantages of locum healthcare jobs is the flexibility they offer. Professionals have the freedom to choose when and where they work, allowing them to create a work schedule that suits their lifestyle. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer to have control over their time and prioritize a healthy work-life balance.

Another advantage of locum healthcare jobs is the exposure to different healthcare settings. By working in various hospitals, clinics, or healthcare facilities, professionals gain valuable experience and expand their knowledge base. This exposure enhances their skills and adaptability, making them more versatile and capable of handling diverse patient populations.

Locum healthcare jobs also provide the opportunity for higher earning potential. Since locum professionals are often in high demand, they can command competitive rates for their services. Additionally, they may receive additional compensation for working in rural or underserved areas. This financial advantage can be an attractive incentive for professionals seeking to maximize their income.

How to Get Started in Locum Healthcare Jobs

To get started in locum healthcare jobs, professionals need to ensure they have the necessary qualifications and licenses. Depending on their specialization, this may include obtaining specific certifications or completing additional training. It is essential to research the requirements and ensure compliance before pursuing locum opportunities.

Building a strong professional network is another crucial aspect of securing locum healthcare jobs. Networking with colleagues, attending conferences and industry events, and actively engaging in professional communities can help professionals connect with locum agencies, recruiters, and potential employers. A robust network increases the chances of finding desirable locum assignments and provides valuable references for future opportunities.

Utilizing locum healthcare agencies is a popular route for professionals seeking locum jobs. These agencies specialize in connecting healthcare professionals with temporary assignments that align with their skills and preferences. They handle the logistics, such as contract negotiation, travel arrangements, and accommodation, making the process more streamlined and convenient for professionals.

Challenges and Tips for Success in Locum Healthcare Jobs

While locum healthcare jobs offer numerous advantages, they also present unique challenges. One of the main challenges is adapting to new environments quickly. Locum professionals must be adaptable, able to familiarize themselves with new healthcare systems, protocols, and electronic medical record systems efficiently. Developing strong communication skills and being open to learning from new colleagues can help ease the transition.

Another challenge is managing time and workload effectively. Locum professionals often work in high-pressure environments with varying patient volumes. Prioritizing tasks, maintaining organized documentation, and effectively communicating with the healthcare team are essential skills for success in locum healthcare jobs.

Maintaining work-life balance is crucial for locum professionals. With the flexibility locum jobs offer, it is essential to set boundaries and allocate time for personal activities, self-care, and rest. Establishing a routine, practicing stress management techniques, and seeking support from loved ones can help maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Locum Healthcare Jobs in High Demand Specialties

Certain specialties experience a higher demand for locum professionals. Emergency medicine is one such specialty where locum professionals play a vital role in ensuring round-the-clock coverage and managing patient emergencies. Psychiatry is another area where locum professionals are sought after to provide mental health services in diverse settings. Pediatrics also sees a demand for locum professionals, especially in pediatric emergency departments and outpatient clinics.

Future Trends in Locum Healthcare Jobs

Looking ahead, locum healthcare jobs are expected to continue growing in demand. The ongoing workforce shortages in healthcare, coupled with an aging population, are driving the need for temporary professionals to fill staffing gaps. This trend presents ample opportunities for locum healthcare professionals to secure rewarding positions.

Advancements in technology are also shaping the future of locum healthcare jobs. Telehealth and remote opportunities are becoming more prevalent, allowing professionals to provide care remotely and work across geographical boundaries. These advancements offer greater flexibility and open up avenues for professionals to balance work and personal commitments.

Work-life balance is becoming a more significant consideration for professionals in the healthcare industry. Locum healthcare jobs provide an avenue for individuals to have more control over their schedules, allowing them to prioritize their well-being and spend quality time with their loved ones.

Locum healthcare jobs provide a flexible and rewarding career path for healthcare professionals. With the ability to choose when and where to work, exposure to different healthcare settings, and higher earning potential, locum positions offer numerous advantages. Overcoming the challenges of adapting quickly, managing workload, and maintaining work-life balance are key to success in this field. As the demand for temporary healthcare professionals continues to grow, locum healthcare jobs present exciting opportunities for professionals seeking a dynamic and fulfilling career.

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