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A brilliant time for an Australian Medical Recruitment Business

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A brilliant time for an Australian medical recruitment business – when people need us the most

Hi there! We’re Salt Medical Recruitment, and it’s time we introduce ourselves. 

First up we wanted to say a big thank you to all our new followers on our company page. Everyone is welcome in our group – doctors, clients, and all stakeholders who have an interest in healthcare or medical recruitment in Australia.  

Thank you also to the doctors and clients who have connected with us over the last few weeks. We love building professional relationships and sparking new connections with people from all walks of life and we are excited to start this new venture with you all.  

With COVID rearing its ugly head yet again and travel restrictions in place it certainly has been a challenging time to start a new business that specialises in placing doctors in hard-to-reach places!  

We have huge respect for those doctors who have endured being away from their families for long periods of time and committed to placements many miles from home. We have been humbled to see the healthcare providers that we work with continue to deliver quality health services despite the hurdles and challenges they continue to face whilst this pandemic continues to rage on. 

I would also like to give a shout out to my colleagues in the Australian medical recruitment industry who behind the scenes have also been doing it tough but have continued to rise to the challenge on the daily.  

We founded Salt Medical Recruitment to connect doctors and care providers, to help assist them in their calling to maintain wellness, restore health, and relieve human suffering. We are committed to supporting doctors who are seeking new adventures, a professional challenge, or simply wanting to give back to those in need. We have made it our mission to provide healthcare clients with 24/7 access to specialist doctors and to make medicine accessible to all.  

If these last few weeks have taught us anything at Salt Medical, it’s made us realise that we stand for something larger than the services we provide. Being a medical recruiter in Australia is much bigger than it seems on the surface. It’s about supporting people and giving them peace of mind when they need it most. It’s about turning up, turning on, and doing whatever it takes. It’s about connecting the dots between the care givers and care providers, making healthcare accessible to all. 

We are in it for the long haul and when the going gets tough we want our doctors and clients to know we have their backs, and we are here for them. 

What a brilliant time to start an Australian medical recruitment business – when people need us the most! 

Thank you for reading this post and for taking the time to get to know more about Salt Medical’s purpose, to go beyond the ordinary and provide personalised medical recruitment in Australia. 

In the coming weeks we hope to share more updates and blogs with you. Please feel free to comment on our post and add value whenever you wish. We welcome all people in our network who have something positive, informative, or inspirational to share.  

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